PARAT Turret Toolposts

Turret Heads-A Symphony in Two Movements!

  • High repeatability when indexing, accurate to 0.005mm or 0.0002”.
    • Eliminates constant measuring when you index to the next tool.
    • Less measuring = less interventions = greater efficiency and profits!
  • 4 detents, at every 90 degrees, to easily find location quickly.
  • 40 total angular location points, every 9 degrees for ‘off-90’ tool locations.
  • Quick camlock action locks toolholders securely and accurately with great ease; quickly exchange pre-set tool holders for near turret disk efficiency.
  • High accuracy ‘face-tooth’ coupling ensures accuracy for years of heavy use, in fact… tends to become MORE accurate over time… actually ‘wears in’!
  • HEAVY DUTY, resilient design won’t ‘walk’, twist, or flex under heavy tool pressures. These holders maximize the available HP and torque your lathe can develop allowing:
    • Take more chip load, more depth of cut, faster material removal rates.
    • More stability in nasty interrupted cuts.
  • Massive locking lever gives all operators the ability to clamp solidly with ease and no fatigue
  • Thru turret head coolant plumbing shortens and reduces coolant hose wear and tear (please see our new stainless coolant hose offering if you are tired of constantly replacing the cheap plastic ones : Link here)
  • 5-YEAR Manufacturer’s Warranty! Talk about believing in your products!

For most applications, our proven RD style turret head provides the maximum benefit of ease, strength and payback.  Available in 5 sizes.

Click here for available tool-holders


For demanding applications, or where you have already invested in KM or Capto™ style cam lock tool holders, we have our newly patented SRD series of turret heads.  Available in 4 sizes.

So how do you know which size to select?

Well, first we may suggest you consult with your lathe supplier, or as a rough guideline here is a quick guide:

RD Size 1 RD or SRD Size 2 RD or SRD Size 3 RD or SRD Size 4 RD or SRD Size 5

Approx. lathe HP

<8 HP

8 to 20 HP

20 to 35 HP

35 to 60 HP

60 to 85 HP

Approx. main spindle torque

150 Nm
110 ft/lbs

700 Nm
516 ft/lbs

1500 Nm
1106 ft/lbs

7000 Nm
5162 ft/lbs

12000 Nm
8850 ft/lbs

Max. tool bit holder height

12 or 20 mm
1/2 in or 3/4 in

25 mm
1 in

40 mm
1-1/2 in

50 mm
2 in

50 mm
2 in