About Us


The Source

Located in a tiny village in south central Germany, and surrounded by old world charm and vineyards, the company, TRAUTWEIN manufactures numerous solutions making the lathe operator more productive. Owned by two toolmakers and machinists, they not only produce the patented PARAT turret systems for flat bed lathes, but do contract machining, proto-type work and in general, are subjected to the same customer pressure for performance and piece-part cost cutting that faces your operation every day. In short, this 40 man ‘job-shop’ can relate to your daily challenges. But in true German fashion, the mantra ‘work smarter, not harder’ drives innovation that you can acquire yourself to achieve the same productivity gains.

Why We are Doing This

Having spent over 3 decades selling new machine tools, including many, many, flat bed lathes, you tend to learn a thing or two from your customers…. that even the best lathe cannot perform to its full potential without the best tool system designed for it.

Our customers prove daily that the speed, strength and accuracy of the PARAT tooling is what helps pay the bills at the end of the day. By reducing not only set-up time, but also set-up confusion (which only wastes time), allowing the lathe to take a FULL depth of cut (after all, that’s why you paid more for such things as ‘Heavy Duty’, extra HP, gearbox drive, etc.) and RELYING that your tool is there for your next cut after index, without worry to constantly measure, and measure again… is really why you can do it better, faster & cheaper than the next guy — and keep more in your pocket!

We stepped up to bring this superior system to the US market; Europeans knew these secrets for a long time, but now we have the same advantages available here. We will stock common elements, provide retrofits and service as needed. Our goal is to truly help your team “work smarter, not harder”!

-Mike Weller