Parat Precision

The production of precision turned components places extremely high demands on the machine and tooling system, without losing ease of operation.The continuous development of conventional and cycle-controlled lathes has significantly increased the range of features. Nevertheless, the importance of the correct tooling system to make full use of the gained advantages is often overlooked.

When different tools are required for internal and external precision tolerances, the importance of the flexibility and stability of the tool system used becomes quickly clear.

In such cases, the dimensions of the tools themselves as well as the means of handling of heavier tools can quickly cause problems.

With its four tool stations and indexing accuracy of 0.005 mm PARAT turret provides the ideal solution.

For external machining, 4 tool stations are available that enable the exchange of tool holders with a weight of up to 12.3 kg (without tools). This reduces to a minimum a procedure that would otherwise be both tiring and time consuming for the operator.

When outer and inner machining are combined to turn both precision tolerances in one setting, up to three clamping points are available. Particularly with long drilling rods, the elimination of the need to change the tool holder is particularly advantageous.

The opening and clamping of the PARAT turret occurs through a threadless quick clamping nut in conjunction with a quick clamping lever.The different tool holders are individually clamped through four eccentric elements.

We would especially like to draw attention to the threaded clamping bolt as well the clamping bolt with threads and internal coolant facility. The design of these clamping bolts makes a significant contribution to operating safety. A special expansion
joint ensures that, in case of a collision, most of the energy is absorbed and, consequently, there is no subsequent damage to other machine components.

Usually an exchange of the clamping bolt is sufficient to enable machining to be restarted in the required quality.

To ensure optimum acceptance of a large variety of different tools, a wide range of tool holders are available. Of particular importance here is the partly machined tool holder. This is a tool holder that is supplied with a dovetail guide that is already hardened and ground. The non-machined part of the holder can, however, be finished according to the specific requirements of the special tool to be held. We can, of course, also supply on request custom tool holders with special sizes or designs suitable for specific technical demands.

As we are sure of the quality of our PARAT turret, we offer our customer a 5 year – manufacturer’s warranty for the turret and tool holders (excluding wear and tear parts).



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